cyndiCindy Hitchcock is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes in the treatment of problems in intimate relationships, such as domestic violence, marital discord, divorce, and parent-child conflict, as well as Depression, Anxiety, Grief, and recovery from Trauma.  Cindy earned her degrees at Wheaton College and the Jane Addams School of Social Work, University of Chicago.  Cindy’s Counseling expertise has emerged from her work in the residential treatment of abused children, serving as an Emergency Room Crisis Social Worker, 15 years of practice as a Police Social Worker where she addressed a wide variety of problems in life, functioned as a court advocate, and provided mediation for an array of conflict situations, and , most recently, over 15 years of work with individuals, couples, and families in Private Practice. Cindy is a Emotional Freedom Technique Certified Practitioner and a Trained Mediator and Collaborative Law Child Advocate. Additionally, Cindy has been an active participant in a number of community based professional groups combating Domestic Violence and educating the community on the realities of Divorce; has provided Community Education on a number of topics related to Trauma, the Effects of Divorce, Mental Health conditions, and Personal Safety; has created and provided Police training; acted as an Intern Supervisor and as a Professional Mentor;  and is an active member of the National Association of Social Workers.

In her counseling, Cindy uses a direct, goal focused, values based approach that takes into account all parts of the person, the various influences exerted on the individual, and the strengths each individual posesses.  Cindy’s approach is informed by a number of theoretical models, including: Cognitive Behavioral, Systems, Solution Focused, Attachment, Sensorimotor, DBT, Empowerment, Gottman Method, and Imago.  Cindy relies on a number of evidence based interventions to help her clients create a healthier, well balanced environment – both within and without. Additionally, Cindy is a committed Christian and is happy to utilize faith based, Biblical counseling if it is requested. Telemental Health services are available in addition to In-Person appointments.

Cindy would be honored to journey through this chapter of your life beside you – offering her years of experience, training, compassion, and insight to you as you move toward the goals you desire.  Please contact Cindy Hitchcock with any questions you have or to schedule an initial appointment.

Specialty Training

  • Trauma Intervention Specialist
  • Domestic Violence
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)
  • Parent Coaching
  • Stephen’s Minister
  • PREPARE/ENRICH premarital and marital counselor
  • EAP service provision
  • Divorce Mediation
  • Collaborative Law Divorce Coach

What To Expect

The goals of the first visit are three-fold:

1) For you to evaluate Cindy as a good fit for yourself.  Research has conclusively demonstrated that a sense of connection with your therapist is the foremost key to effectively reaching your counseling goals.  If you are coming in as a couple or a family, a second appointment will not be set until everyone has had the opportunity to privately discuss their thoughts about continuing and has agreed to do so.

2) For Cindy to obtain information about the area of concern bringing  you to the office.

3) To complete the legally required paperwork.

AnamnesisWe will begin our 50 minute session with quickly reviewing the Intake Paperwork, which can be found here, obtaining a copy of your insurance card and ID, and collecting any copayment, coinsurance, or deductible payment.  If you do not know your Deductible/Copayment/Coinsurance information you can issue a check for the session fee, $110, and this can be applied appropriately once your insurance coverage is verified.  Any unused funds will be returned to you in check form.  EAP referred clients have no fees.

Once the legal requirements protecting you and allowing your insurance company to be billed are fulfilled (ususally no more than 10 minutes if the Intake paperwork is brought completed to the session), the remainder of the session will be given over to you to describe the problems that prompted your call to HCS.

At the conclusion of the session, Cindy will provide some general thoughts about directions the counseling can follow based on the information provided and you will be directed to consider whether the fit between yourself and Cindy feels workable, and to call for a second appointment if you decide you would like to continue.  You will also be asked to think about your goals for counseling should you decide to pursue a second meeting.  

Your second appointment with Cindy will include reviewing the goals you want to reach and obtaining more information about areas influencing the problem situation and your life history.

Information related to issues discussed and/or “life application” assignments will be provided during most sessions from this point on. This ensures that the new information and approaches discussed in session are regularly practiced (as the brain needs for new skill building) and challenges in practicing them are uncovered in the context of your real life experience so we can problem solve through them in session.